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Track 7

The Sheep Stealers

I am a brisk lad whose fortune is bad
And I am misfortunate poor
But indeed I intend my fortune to mend
And to build a house down on the moor my brave boys
To build a house down on the moor.

My brother does keep fat oxen and sheep
On a neat little neck of the downs
In the middle of the night when the moon does shine bright
There's a great deal of work to be done my brave boys
A great deal of work to be done.

I'll walk all around in another man's ground
And I'll steal a fat sheep for my own
With the aid of my knife I will end of its life
And then I will carry it home my brave boys
Then I will carry it home.

My children will use the skin from the ewe
And I will be weathering on
When the constables do come I will stand with my gun
And I'll swear all I have is my own my brave boys
I'll swear all I have is my own.

The only version of this song I've heard is by the Voice Squad and lyrically, this is essentially their reading. By basing our version around the Gm tune we imposed a nice dark tone already suggested by the lyrics.

Lyrics and notes compiled by Denny Bartley.