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Track 3

Connie's Song (mo bhrón ar an bhfarraige)

My curse on the sea it's torn us apart
It keeps me away from the love of my heart
I'm left in this town all alone with my sorrow
No sight of her face today or tomorrow.

I wish I was with my darling one fair
In the province of Leinster or wild county Clare
I wish I was with the one I love best
On the deck of a ship sailing off to the west.

Abandoned and forsaken to grief and to care
Will the sea ever waken relief from despair
Were I with my true love though heart bitter bound
On the deck of a ship for America bound.

A bed of twigs was my bed last night
I cast them away when the dawn was bright
With my true love beside me how happy we'd rest
My mouth to her mouth her breast to my breast.

I got this song from Seán Tyrell's album, Cry of a Dreamer a long time ago and it remains a favourite of mine. There are a few Seán Tyrell songs in my repertoire and he has also influenced my singing.

The actual title is Mo Bhrón ar an bhFarraige, which means my sadness on the sea, or in this case, my curse (phonetically the pronunciation would be "mo vrone err on vorrigae", for anyone that's interested in such things).

Lyrics and notes compiled by Denny Bartley.